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Born 1.3.1943 Kromeriz, Czech Republic


After finishing a grammar school in Opava Milan Pitlach studied architecture on the Czech Polytechnic Institute in Prague, where he graduated in 1966. He started working in an architectural studio Delta in Prague In 1969 he went for an internship to London where we stayed with Yorke-Rosenberg-Mardall architectural office.

It was in London where he started to take photographs with an Asahi Pentax camera, which he bought for the money won in an architectural competition. He came back home from London at the end of 1970 with 8000 negatives. Soon afterwards Anna Farova, the leading Czech historian of photography, organized him an exhibition of pictures of pop-music festivals in England titled The Island. These pictures had been later exhibited many times, also in Creative Camera Gallery in London. In the seventies Milan Pitlach continued taking photographs, without having really chance to make them public. An exhibition of his photographs from England, prepared by Antonin Dufek for the Moravian Gallery in Brno had been abolished. In this decade he continued to portray the world around himself in a kind of “subjective reportage”. At the same time he started a series of photographs which record his private universe which later had been exhibited and published under the title Diaries /Torst 1999/.

At the end of 1980 Milan Pitlach emigrated to Federal Republic of Germany, he settled down in Düsseldorf.

He was concerned on architecture. From 1984 to 1989 worked by leading German architect O.M.Ungers, but also photographed intensively. Not only in Germany but also in Japan, India, Italy. At the nineties he started to exhibit und publish his photographs, also in former Czechoslovakia. His Diaries had been shown in Tokyo and at the International Fair of Photography Intercamera in Prague, Photographs from India had been exhibited in the National Gallery in Prague, his Gospel according to St, Matthew had been exhibited at the National Library in Prague and published by Kant /2004/. Czech literary and art revue Revolver Revue had shown a part of his series Landscapes according to Friedrich Nietzsche and Fragmets.

2003 Milan Pitlach moved to Shanghai, where he worked as a chief architect of Archlong Group. His architectural work had been presented in the book Shanghai Concepts and exhibited in House of Arts in Ostrava, Gallery of Art in Opava. Throughout his six year in China Milan Pitlach made a great number of both B/W and colour photographs. So far only a small part, Calligraphy, inscriptions on walls of Shanghai, has been exhibited in the National Gallery in Prague and published in a form of a catalogue.

2011 Milan Pitlach exhibited and published /Montanex/ under the title Salt of the Earth photographs from Ostrava, major Czech industrial town, where his mother lived her whole life and to which he feels strong affinity.

In April 2013 Milan Pitlach exhibited in the House of Arts in Ostrava his photographs of Chandigarh, capitol of Punjab, build by Le Corbusier. Recently he prepares an exhibition with a title Gaspard de la Nuit selon Ravel, consisting of three groups rather abstract photographs.




Portrait of Milan Pitlach